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A MOST MALIGNANT SPIRIT A unique treatment of the vampire theme -- PUBLISHER -BY LIGHT UNSEEN . Available at AMAZON, BARNES AND NOBLE, and othersAsk for a reviewer's copy.
IMPLAC Straight SF, but the implacable enemies already exist . Ask for a reviewer's copy.
A VIRTUAL AFFAIR Think how great virtual sex must be. Now think again. PUBLISHED BY  ETERNAL PRESS. Available at AMAZON, BARNES AND NOBLE and others. Ask for a reviewer's copy.
A TERRORIST AFFAIR Can the woman who is perfect in every way (from a man's standpoint) be--well--human? This  sequel to A VIRTUAL AFFAIR, is a stand alone novel.. Ask for a reviewer's copy.
XENOLOGIST Plants  on Markob can walk and talk and are non-violent--but they have a horrible sense of humor - in progress. Ask for a reviewer's copy.
LAST VOYAGE FROM EARTH Life on a space station after a nuclear holocaust- in progress. Ask for a reviewer's copy.




SUFFERING OF THE SERVANT Start of a screenplay depicting how Isaiah 53 describes Israel.
MANNERS Say please, even to your computer.
A MANDATORY MEDICAL EXAM What if you need help but don't want it.
KIDS They can drive you crazy.
WORRY (DYBUCK) Would that it could be cured so easily.
THE PENITENT A flawed but honest man who worships a--to us--psychopath.
SEASON'S GREETINGS A new approach to the December dilemma.
THE SAXOPHONE Played by someone unexpected.
THE AD AGENCY Which is worse -- ads or their regulation?
YITZI The real Yitzi was a normal dog. I miss him a lot..
THE TAX BELL Best read during April, though can be enjoyed at any time.






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