ZVI'S FICTION PAGE (still in construction.)




A MOST MALIGNANT SPIRIT A unique treatment of the vampire theme -- PUBLISHER -BY LIGHT UNSEEN . Available atAMAZON, BARNES AND NOBLE, and others .
IMPLAC Straight SF, but the implacable enemies already exist .

A VIRTUAL AFFAIR Think how great virtual sex must be. Now think again. PUBLISHED BY  ETERNAL PRESS. Available atAMAZON, BARNES AND NOBLE and others
  A TERRORIST AFFAIR Sequel to A VIRTUAL AFFAIR. Ask me for a review copy.
  XENOLOGIST Plants  on Markob can walk and talk and are non-violent--but they have a horrible sense of humor - in progress. Ask me for a review copy.
  LAST VOYAGE FROM EARTH Life on a space station after a nuclear holocaust- in progress. Ask me for a review copy.




SUFFERING OF THE SERVANT Start of a screenplay depicting how Isaiah 53 describes Israel.
MANNERS Say please, even to your computer.
KIDS They can drive you crazy.
WORRY (DYBUCK) Would that it could be cured so easily.
THE PENITENT A flawed but honest man who worships a--to us--psychopath.
JUMPER For a longing we on earth can never know.
SEASON'S GREETINGS A new approach to the December dilemma.
THE SAXOPHONE Played by someone unexpected.
THE AD AGENCY Which is worse -- ads or their regulation?
A PHILOSOPHY LESSON Dogless people may think this story gross -- the rest of us will understand.
THE TAX BELL Best read during April, though can be enjoyed at any time.







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